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3rd Grade Story Town Interactive Games

Book Adventures​

Spelling City - 3rd Grade


Pikes Peak History 

PPLD List of Notable Coloradoans Glogster Philanthropists & Entrepreneurs Biographies of Notable Coloradoans
General William Jackson Palmer
​Zebulon Pike
​Spencer and Julie Penrose
​Winfield Stratton
​Helen Hunt Jackson
​Katharine Lee Bates
Nicola Tesla
​Ouray and Chipeta


Native Americans

American Indian Facts
for Kids

(Many Tribes)

Southwest Indians
(Apache, Hopi, Navajo, Pueblo, Zuni)

Northwest Indians
(Bella Bella, Chiook, Tillamook, Eyak, Coast Salish, Tlingit)


Plains Indians

(put together by 7th graders)