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Chipeta Elementary School

​​         WELCOME TO CHIPETA              Home of the Eagles 

2340 Ramsgate Terrace, Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Main: (719) 328-5500 Attendance: (719) 328-5516  Fax: (719) 260-8825

    Your Recycled MakerSpace Materials are Rolling in...Thank You!


The MakerSpace Carts at Chipeta are quickly becoming student's favorite mode of demonstrating mastery of a concept.  The MakerSpace Carts are being used in nearly every grade level, and as part of nearly every subject.  We currently stock the MakerSpace carts with a huge variety of recycled materials that students then reimagine into fantastic creations.  We visit a recycling store in Denver called RAFT once a quarter to replenish our stocks, but we could also use your help with this endeavor.  If you have any of the following items that you would like to donate to the MakerSpace Carts, please bring them by the library.  Please do make sure items such as bottles are clean and dry.  Any questions, contact Kristie Cichello,  

The Chipeta MakerSpace Always Needs...​ ​ ​
  • ​plastic grocery bags
  • pipe cleaners
  • yarn
  • shells
  • glue sticks
  • colored electric tape
  • fabric
  • felt
  • styrofoam balls
  • popsicle sticks
  • old game pieces (like Monopoly houses, etc.)
  • spools of wire
  • egg cartons
  • ​Capri Sun/KoolAid juice pouch BOXES (not the actual pouches)
  • buttons
  • plastic bottles
  • googly eyes
  • corks
  • cardboard tubes
  • spools

These are just a few ideas. if you're getting rid of something, especially craft items, and you think we could use it, send me an email and I'll let you know!!




This past November there were an unprecedented number of school districts throughout the State of Colorado on the ballot.  D11 was part of this movement, and unfortunately by a very slim margin, did not pass the mill levy override and bond requests.  As we move forward seeking funding solutions, we ask that our families take the time to understand how the State funds education and the impacts this has on D11.  Please visit or for more information on how marijuana money contributes $0 to school operational funds, how Colorado is a low-tax state, and what the Negative Factor is and its impact on our current funding situation.  We hope you will join D11 to spread the word and work with us as we find solutions that are fiscally responsible, voter-supported and educationally sound.

Upcoming Events​
​1/19​Kid Power, 6-8 PM, GYM
​1/20​PTA Family Night- Are You Smarter Than an Elementary Student? 6-7:30 PM
​1/23​5th Grade High Trails Parent Meeting, 6-7 PM
​1/24FIELD TRIP, 5th Grade GT, Starbase, 8 AM - 2:30 PM
​1/26​Kid Power, 6-8 PM, GYM


In an effort to communicate our facility needs, the District has produced a facility scorecard for each D11 school building.  Click the link below to see...

Chipeta's Facility Scorecard


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